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Coming on February 1st, we are so excited to launch our exclusive Organic incense line! Shop from our four exclusive scents, that have been curated by us, for you. Each of these scents serve a different purpose, and we are so excited for you to experience these in your home!

Our four exclusive blends are called Chill Out, Rise and Grind, The BFF and Rest Your Head. Each blend is curated to assist with specific needs. We also are so excited to offer our explorer pack, which contains 5 sticks of each blend, to assist you in finding your perfect fit.

How to use your new incense:

Step 1: Put your incense in an incense holder, and light your incense for 4-7 seconds. We love using matches, (P.S. we are also launching the cutest matchstick bottles soon!

Step 2: Gently blow the flame out of your incense, until you see the red ember burning. 

Step 3: Enjoy your new incense, relax, and watch the beautiful smoke leave your new incense. 

We can't wait to launch more blends, and are so excited to hear your feedback. We are always here to chat at 


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