How To Prep Your Organic Towel | The Artisans Loft Canada

How To Prep Your Organic Towel | The Artisans Loft Canada

One of the most common things we are asked is, how absorbent are Turkish Towels? Usually this question is linked with an experience of using a Turkish style towel, and being left wondering why it wasn't drying them off very well. There are a few factors that come into play! Here are our tips on how to properly prep your new towels:

1) Like any textile, wash before use. This is important for a few reasons, however, when it comes to Organic Cotton products, and specifically towels, you are going to want to wash it a few times. This helps increase its absorbency, and also prepares the towel for use. 

2) Dry the towel, but do not over dry! Every towel comes with care instructions, and is important not to use a high heat setting when you dry your new towel. This is because it can actually damage the organic cotton fibers, which is not the best if you are looking for longevity from your new purchase. It is best to use a low heat setting, or air dry if you live in a warm climate.

3) It is best to neatly fold your new towel, to keep it wrinkle free and ready for use! 

Let us know if this was helpful, and we are always here to chat if you have any further questions! We are so excited to bring 100% Organic Cotton to you. If you live in Chilliwack, British Columbia, select Local Pickup at the checkout to save on shipping!


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