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Our Organic Cotton Turkish Tea Towels | The Artisans Loft Canada

Our Organic Cotton Turkish Tea Towels were one of our first additions to The Artisans Loft. These towels are soft, light weight, but tightly knit giving them the durability you need in the kitchen. With every wash, organic cotton actually gets softer! It is also quick drying, making it a hygienic addition to your kitchen linens. 

This set is perfect for the modern bohemian or minimalist decor style. The longevity of these towels makes it one of those items you're not going to have to replace quickly. Simply wash in cold or warm water, and tumble dry low as and when needed. I personally love using a low heat setting when I launder my linens, to avoid any inevitable shrinkage that can happen with cotton! 

These towels are handcrafted in Turkey, by artisans that we have developed personal relationships with. At The Artisans Loft we can guarantee fair trade and ethical sourcing, as well as high quality materials. We have direct involvement in the development and creation, and compensate our artisans fairly for their work. Every purchase contributes towards reforestation efforts, through a partnership with One Tree Planted.

We can't wait to hear what you think about our towels! Leave a review to receive a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase! 


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