Ways To Use a Turkish Blanket | The Artisans Loft Canada

Ways To Use a Turkish Blanket | The Artisans Loft Canada

At The Artisans Loft, I wanted to create a space where you could purchase useful items that you can feel good about and using. Our Turkish Towels can be used in a multitude of ways, making them a sustainable item to add to your home. I absolutely love items that I can get a lot of use out of, and can multi-purpose by using them in my busy and active lifestyle. Below are just some of the ways that you can use and style Turkish Towels, making it worth every penny!

1. Bath Towel

Turkish towels are perfect for everyday use, right out of the shower. They work well in humid climates as well, as the thin, moisture wicking material is quick drying eliminating any musty odours. They can add a lot of color to our bathroom and make it look beautiful.

2. On the beach as a beach towel and beach blanket

Use your turkish towel as a beach towel or blanket. We love how the towels do not retain the sand, and they dry so quickly you'll have them ready for your next adventure!

3. As a picnic blanket

The size of our towels and blankets make them great for a picnic or day at the park. 

4. As a beach cover-up or sarong

There are so many ways to wear a Turkish towel. Wrap one around the waist, throw it over your shoulder to keep you warm or protect you from the sun, use as a dress (check out our Instagram page: @theartsisansloft.ca) to see how we style this!

5. As a scarf

Wear your towel as a boho style scarf in the wintertime, Turkish towels are a beautiful bulky scarf. We always get compliments when we wear them! If it's very cold we sometimes have one side of the towel going down our back inside our jackets to act as an extra layer.

6. As a throw

We always have a Turkish towel on our couch to add some color or to throw οver the shoulders or legs on a chilly evening. We love how it adds those boho-vibes to our living room.

7. As a tablecloth

Style your turkish towel as a table cloth or covering for a credenza to add some texture to your space.

8. As a travel blanket on the plane

One more situation when bringing your own usually is a good idea. I love using my turkish towel as a cover for my shoulders on the plane when the a/c is blasting down on me. It is light weight and breathable, but still gives enough coverage.

9. As a yoga towel or at the gym

Our towels are light weight, and easy to pack with you to and from the gym or to yoga class. We love bringing them along to our favourite activity.

10. For boats, kayaks, paddleboards

Turkish Towels come from the Mediterranean, where they experience humidity and are close to the water. These towels are perfect for boating, kayaking, or even keeping in your drybag on your paddle board. They dry quickly after use and are always up for your next adventure! 

11. As home decor

These look beautiful thrown on your accent chair, the end of your bed, or even tastefully styled on a credenza. Use to add texture to your space. We have even seen these beautifully styled as a wall tapestry and they look so boho-chic!

12. As a baby blanket

The perfect gift for any new parents out there! They are a great summer blanket for the little ones. On the go, they can be used as a nursing blanket, to wrap your little one in, or to use as a floor blanket. 

13. As a cover at the spa, sauna, or your massage

Use it during your next steam room visit, or spa visit! Sometimes it's just nice to have your own towel.

14. As a facemask

In the times of Covid-19, we use Turkish towels as facemasks when we forget our real ones. Not medical-grade for sure, but they do the trick in a pinch.

So, how do you use your Turkish Blanket? Let us know in the comment section below! We'd love to hear your favourite ways, or ideas on other ways to use!

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