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The Panorama | XL Beach and Picnic Towel | Soft Pink

The Panorama | XL Beach and Picnic Towel | Soft Pink

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The Panorama Blanket has us always saying yes to an adventure. Light weight, soft, and fits our entire squad of three, we love using this on the go. Organic Cotton is known for its longevity and hypoallergenic nature.  The luxurious organic cotton is soft and with every wash, gets even softer. Use as a light weight, breathable throw to add texture to your living room, take with you on road trips, or use as the go-to blanket for whatever life throws at you. 

Whether you're lounging and relaxing, or out there doing what you love. At The Artisans Loft we love items that have multi uses for our minimalist lifestyle, and this does just that!

Sand Repelling   x   Quick Drying   x   XL Sized   x   Compact


+ Size: 90" x 60” (Queen Sized)
+ 100% Organic Turkish Cotton
+ Compact & Lightweight
+ OEKO-TEX Certified
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Wash in Cold Water, Tumble Dry on Delicate
+ Handwoven 
+ Made in Turkey
We suggest you tighten the tassels before the first wash as they may come loose due to the handmade weaving process

Wash Instructions:

+ Wash in cold or warm water with like colours / fabric (ideally wash alone)
+ Use the gentle setting during the wash
+ Tumble dry low

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