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The Tamarindo Gemstone Bracelet | Larimar + Moonstone

The Tamarindo Gemstone Bracelet | Larimar + Moonstone

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  • TAdam info a balmy beach located on the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Costa Rica. 

    Moonstone: A stone for the women and new beginnings! Moonstone is known for its inner growth and strength by naturally soothing emotions and stress. Moonstone is also powerful in the attuning and balancing of biological forces/cycles and adjusting to your body’s natural rhythm. It is known to promote fertility, intuition and balances the hormonal system.

    Larimar: This precious gemstone is only found in the Dominican Republic. This stone can balance any polarities in your life as it embodies the energies of sea and sky. It is known as the healing stone as it enlightens and heals the physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres. It represents peace, clarity, and healing energies to create equilibrium within.

    *All gemstones are unique, and are therefore one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.


  • + Authentic Larimar and Moonstone gemstones
    + Made with an 8mm bead 
    + High-quality elastic cord for easy everyday wear
    + Free Reusable pouch to keep your jewelry safe and clean
    + Handmade in Canada
    + Eco-friendly packaging
    + Ethically sourced beads

  • S/M: 7" circumference 

    M/L: 7.5" circumference 

    How To Size

    To determine your desired size simply wrap a piece of string around your wrist and lay flat alongside a tape measure or a ruler. For more accurate results, have a friend or loved one help you out with this task! All of our bracelets are made using a durable elastic cord for easy everyday wear. 

    Care Instructions

    At The Artisans Loft, we want you to love your jewelry long term! This means treating it with care! Our Gemstone Bracelets are made with a high quality elastic cord, for easy everyday wear. However, the elastic can only stretch so far, before it may snap. We offer two different sizes for this reason as well! Please ensure that you are choosing the appropriate size as mentioned above.

    Do not pull on one end of the bracelet to form a triangle and stretch it over your hand. It stresses the elastic and eventually, it will snap. To keep your bracelet in tip-top shape, roll the beads over your wrist, stretching the elastic as little as possible.

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